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Commando Krav Maga WOW (Women's Only Workshop)

DONT'T BE A VICTIM! 1 in 3 women–mothers, wives, and daughters–are statistically likely to become a victim from physical or sexual violence within their lifetime. Despite the best efforts to crack down on the offenders, these horrifying statistics aren’t getting any better. Women are being attacked by vicious criminals who have no sense of morality or decency. These criminals are looking for the weakest among you to take advantage of and scar not just physically, but emotionally for life. Tragically, these altercations sometimes end fatally for the victim. Every woman needs to know how to defend herself in these life or death situations. It’s because of this great need that we are putting together this self defense workshop. 

Commando Krav Maga is a reality based self-defense system that has a no-nonsense approach and straight forward practical moves that are simplistic and effective. It prepares you for the unexpected with techniques that you can use under pressure. You will leave the workshop empowered and confident knowing that whatever comes your way you will not bow down in fear but will persevere and do whatever it takes to survive. 

Topics that will be covered:

•Situational Awareness

•Ground Survival

•Fear Psychology (Fight or Flight response) 

•Escape from unexpected street holds

•Soft Body Targets and how to engage them  

•The Lionness Mindset

You don't have to be alone in this life. Always know that there is a will and a way. You were made beautiful and fierce by God. You are a warrior and don't you forget it! 

Fortress Gym
13250 NW 25 St
Miami, Fl 33178
Suite 101

April 29, 2017

$60 Adult (18+ years)
$30 Minor (13-17 years)

Meet your Instructor:  Johnny Medero

•Over 20 years of mixed martial arts experience

•Commando Krav Maga 1st Generation Level 8 Instructor

•Member of the Commando Krav Maga Elite Team of Instructors

•Founder of the Art of Heart

•Conducts seminars and bootcamps domestically and abroad. 

•Firefighter/EMT for 15 years

•Husband to a wonderful wife and Father of two beautiful children

Registration Fee:
Earlier Event: October 16
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